The Prodigy - Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix) music video

Director: Ron Scalpello
Producer: James Howland

Blindfolded contestants race for the prize in this reality TV sendup with their hands bound. It is based on a scene from the Spanish movie Intacto, a film themed around luck and games of chance. The video was filmed in Romford Market in London, England. Nice fact is that the winner of the race is actually Sharky, a former member of The Prodigy who left shortly after the band formed.

You can also see some stupid product placement in this video. Liam and Keith are using Motorola Razr phones in various scenes. As you might know at the time Liam was a big fan of Nokia phones and he actually told in interview that it was the director who gave the Motorola RAZR phones to them.


Record Co: XL Recordings
Commissioner: Phil Lee
Production Co: Rogue
Executive Producer: Charlie Crompton
Director: Ron Scalpello
Producer: James Howland
Production manager: Esther Rich
Location manager: Tom Reeves
1st AD: Tony Fernandes
2nd AD: Tony Payne
Director Of Photography: Mattias Montero
Camera operator: Mattias Montero
Steadicam operator: Derek Walker
Production designer/Art director: Robyn Paiba
Wardrobe: Miri Thomas
Hair: Karen Alder
Makeup: Karen Alder
Other notables: Stunt Coordinator - Mark Henson
Casting: Rogue
Location: The Market Place, Romford, Essex
Shoot date(s): Monday 5th September 2005
Offline Editor/Suite: John Mayes - Marshall Street Editors
Telecine Artist/Suite: The Mill
Online Artists/Suite: The Mill
Sound Design: Grand Central

Some shots from the filming

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