The Prodigy - Poison music video

Director: Walter Stern
Producer: John Payne

The video was shot in a dark, dank, mud-infested underground room. The video shows Maxim, complete with shades and cat's eyes, on the microphone screaming to the song, while Liam is on drums in the background. Leeroy stands around looking cool, while Keith jumps around in an effort to start a fight with someone. Eventually, Liam gets pissed off with him (because Keith breaks his drums) and jumps over the drum kit and starts to stab Keith in the chest with the branch from a tree or something. Loads of bluegunge starts spewing out of Keith's mouth. In the Music Television versions all this harmless satanic fun is censored. But as you know that they always will censor little things like that.

This video also features some cool trainspotter subtle effects.. if you look carefully in one bit of the video you can see that Keith has two heads and the cymbat on Liam's drums start to bend. You can also spot some other cool effects in the video. Just look carefully and use the pause button :)

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