The Prodigy - Out Of Space music video

Director: Russel Curtis
Producer: Emma Davis

Ostriches provided an unusual addition to the band's 3rd video! Liam came up with the idea of having these in the video after a close encounter he had with an ostrich which escaped from a bird sancutary: he was driving home with a load of mates from a big outdoor party, and he seen this large bird in the distance. When he stopped the car to take a look, the bird came over to the car and poked it's nose in the window for a minute. Not finding any food in the car, the bird then headed off into the darkness.

As well as the ostriches, the video contains the usual snappy dance shots of the band at live events and  playing around Leeroy's car. Keith dresses up as a typical archetypal raver, complete with overalls, vick's and facemask. For some weird reason, 'Altern-8' took this as an insult to their usual dress, and dressed themselves up as The Prodigy for their next video!

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