Samples used by The Prodigy

A comprehensive list of samples that The Prodigy have used in their Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned album and live shows in that era.

Army march intro

Sample: "I and You, and you and me, forever and ever and ever... "
Taken from: 'All Day and All of the Night' by The Kinks (album: Kinks' Greatest Hits, 1966)

Sample: the drums
Taken from: Elmer Bernstein - The Great Escape (Main Theme) 

Sample of squeaking comes from the song "Flash" (the main theme for the movie Flash Gordon)

Baby's Got A Temper

Sample: distorted guitar riff
Taken from: As you can hear it's from Firestarter

Sample: synth-sound fading
Taken from: probably taken from Mindfields

Sample: squeeky distorted vox (0:15)
Taken from: Firestarter

Sample: sirens (2:21)
Taken from: Funky Shit

Sample: the drum loop
Taken from: almost same as used in Diesel Power

Track also uses portions of the army march-intro from the live-show


Sample: main melody hook sample
Taken from: D Train - "You're The One For Me" but re-created for the track.

Sample: Male rap part ("Imagine how it would be, to be at the top making cash money. Go tour all around the world, tell stories about all the young girls")
Taken from: Broken Glass - 'Style Of Streets'


Sample: harsh electric guitar drone at the beginning
Taken from: "Double Dare" (1980) by Bauhaus from their debut studio album, "In the Flat Field".


Little Goblin (fill played in 2002 shows)

Sample: Main break loop (synth and guitar riff)
Taken from: Goblin - Dr. Frankenstein

Medusa's Path

Sample: Main ethnic loop
Taken from: "ELAHAYE Naz" composed by Rooholah Khaleghi and performed by Gholamhossein Banan

Sample: Main drum loop
Taken from: Jaydee's - 'Plastic Dreams (Hohner Retro Mix) written by Robin Albers

Nuclear (different live versions)

Sample: main Riff used in "bridge" section
Source: Blur - 'Bugman'

Sample: main Riff used in chorus
Source: Elvis Costello - 'Pump me Up'


Contains a sample from - Shocking Blue - 'Love Buzz'
Phoenix also uses a sample from Neptunes version of 'Superthug' by Noreaga

Under My Wheels (Original Mix)

Sample: flute-type riff 34" from the start
Source: G.T.O. - 'Pure'

You'll Be Under My Wheels

Sample: the intro
Source: The Chemical Brothers - 'My Mercury Mouth'

Sample: Vocal sample
Taken from: Poppa Large by the Ultramagnetic MC's

Shoot Down

Sample: piano line
Taken from: Sagittarius - 'My World Fell Down'. Excactly same line used in Trigger but mixed up.


Sample: main drumbeat
Taken from: Jay-Z '99 Problems' (which uses a beat from Billy Squire's 'Big Beat')

The Way It Is

Sample: Main bass line
Taken from: Michael Jackson's "Thriller" but Liam has recreated it because Sony music didn't let him use the original sample from the track.

In live gigs Liam usually plays various other Thriller samples on top of this track.


Sample: drum beat and bass
Taken from: Adrealin by Senser

Sample: violin line
Taken from: Probably from Beastie Boys song coled "Eugene's Lament ". Liam has mixed the violin tone, cuting it, looping it, etc...

Sample: "one" vocal
Taken from: KRS-ONE - "I'm still #1"

Sample: main melody piano line
Taken from: My World Fell Down by Sagittarius

Sample: ''Feelin' better?; Yeah I do'' (end of the live version)
Taken from: the movie Analyze This

Wake Up Call

Sample: Alarm bell
Taken from: Pink Floyd 'Time' (same sample as used in Claustrophopic Sting)

Sample: electric guitar feedback loop
Taken from: Slayer - "South of Heaven" (1988)

Sample: atmosphere (used live before the track)
Taken from: ?

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