From here you can find some EXCLUSIVE prodigy stuff!
 Normally there will be one rare Prodigy MP3. That MP3 will be there only 30 days and then it will be removed!
 So, there will be one new recording in every month! If you had some exclusive things to this page, please mail to me.

This month exclusive tracks are:

This month I have two different exclusives. Both are new tracks recorded at Rock'oz'Arenes, Avenches. These tracks have never been online at any other site than here now! So, this is really special opportunity to you hear that great new piece of Liam's new stuff.

First we have a really amazing new track with Keith and Maxim rapping. This is my personal favourite. You can tell your opinion easily.. just give a number between 1-10.

Trigger (Live at Switzerland)



Then we have another new track. This is more like a Fuel My Fire 2.. I'm not so into that kind of Prodigy material, so I can say that this track is totally bollocks. But that's only my humble opinion.. listen the track and then please rate it :)

Really shame but that's not the full version.. the original live version is over 6.00 minutes long and this is only 3.00 minutes.

Nuclear (Live at Switzerland)


+ bonus


Charly (Alley Cat Mix) [Pukkelpop 2001]

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None of these Juge's Prodigy Net Exclusive MP3's aren't commercially available!


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