About This Section
Here you can find some Prodigy videos and download them to your hard drive.

These videos are the copyright of XL Recordings. If you download a file, you will be allowed to keep it on your harddisk for 24 hours, but then you'll have to either delete it or buy an official Prodigy Video tape that contains it. The author of this website undertakes no responsibility for these links and the result of downloading these files!

Other Info
You will need some programs to play these files. Use Real One Player to play the Real media files.

Official Videos  
Fire ? downloads
Voodoo People (Chemical Brothers Remix) 758 downloads
Smack My Bitch Up ? downloads
Real Player Videos  
Poison and Funky Shit (Live At ) ? downloads
Soundcheck 6232 downloads
Firestarter (Live At T In The Park 1996) 9092 downloads
Break & Enter + Their Law + beats (Live At Glastonbury 1995) 7608 downloads
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