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A New Prodigy album The Day Is My Enemy was released finally this year. keeping The Prodigy vibe alivesince 1998!

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Recent The Prodigy news

The Night Is My Friend EP

Today The Prodigy released The Night Is My Friend EP which will feature new The Day Is My Enemy album remixes and live favourite AWOL as a b-side.


Couldn't be happier to get Liam and the boyz back on trax! This track is immense and really wipes the floot with Nasty.

Also the official video is really gorgeous. Well done all!

Wild Frontier 23/2/2015

The Prodigy has announced that they will release a new single on 23.2.2015. The track will be premiered again on Zane Lowe show on BBC 1. Now lets cross our fingers that Liam can surprise us again.

The Day is My Enemy to the rescue!

The Day is My Enemy track was surprisingly previewed and released yesterday. Zane Lowe played track THREE times in a row in his radio show on BBC 1. After that the song was released on and iTunes. This imminent release was probably because Nasty release wasn't really a big success. The track was indeed really poor choice for a first single and Liam might have noticed that too. Shame that this happened a little too late and damage was already done. Nasty is really lacking all the energy Prodigy is known for. The Day is My Enemy is in the other hand better comeback track. It's dark and angry. Really a slap in the face it should be. Industrial sounds with Always Outnumbered styled vocals. A REAL SICK BANGER! Hooray for LIAM!

Watch Nasty video

Video for Nasty is now at youtube. To be honest this track really needs this kind of strong and powerful video to promote it. This wasn't really the bomb that I and other fans were expecting because high the Prodigy standards. Anyway better than this EDM shit out there now and THE PRODIGY IS DEFINITELY BACK. Hopefully the album will bring us more "violent sounding tracks" like Liam has told in many interviews already.

The Day is My Enemy is The Prodigy's new album title!

New album title and cover artwork has been finally revealed. The Day Is My Enemy, The Prodigy's 6th Studio Album will be released 30th March 2015.

1. The Day is My Enemy 
2. Nasty 
3. Rebel Radio 
4. Ibiza feat. Sleaford Mods 
5. Destroy 
6. Wild Frontier 
7. Rok-Weiler 
8. Beyond the Deathray 
9. Rhythm Bomb feat. Flux Pavilion 
10. Roadblox 
11. Get Your Fight On 
12. Medicine 
13. Invisible Sun 
14. Wall Of Death 

Nasty is The Prodigy's new single!

Last night Spor aka Feed Me played his own remix of Nasty at Worcester Palladium in his Dj set. Recordings of that are already floating around the net. You can hear Keith's vocals, some ethnic melody and even a snippet of Eagle Break. With that very same break Liam used to tease his instagram followers when they were recording new album at Sarm studios.

Edit 29.12. Liam Howlett has now officially confirmed that Nasty Nasty will be the first single and released in January 2015!

Will Spor remix The Prodigy's forthcoming single?

Spor aka Feed Me just tweeted that he is currently remixing Prodigy.

Source: Spor Twitter

New Album Release Date & some new track names revealed

In the October issue of Q Magazine Liam & the band are interviewed at the studio. Liam also reveals some of the track names. The album will be released in February 2015. Tracks names revealed: Beyond The Death Ray, Ibiza, Nasty Nasty, Get Your Fight On, Wall of Death & Rottweiler.

The Prodigy at studio 2014

"Wall of Death is off-the-Richter-scale terror techno, bearing the command 'Fuck you and the heart attack'. The albums one cinematic breather is 'Beyond the Death Ray' where the rhythm drops, allowing a futuristic Blade Runner soundscape to build to critical mass" - Q Magazine 

Happy Birthday Jilted Generation!

The Prodigy's 2nd album Music for the Jilted Generation is today 20 years old! There is also a special Jilted Day on Dazed Digital with articles including a Q&A with Liam Howlett, an exclusive playlist selected by The Prodigy, an interview with Sewart Haygarth and Les Edwards the men behind The Prodigy’s most iconic album sleeve and more.

You can check out all the content here:

New Prodigy album is on the way has got an interview from Liam, Keith and Maxim at on the 2005 Lowlands festival where The Prodigy was one of the headlining acts. They talked about the new album that will probably see the light of day late next year. 

When reporter Paul asked the guys about a new album just before the great show on the main stage, this was the answer we got; 

"It's cooking now. We've done 3 bits of music now. It should be out the end of next year. We play 4 new tunes in our set already. On the new album, the fundament will stay the same. Bass, beats and Bullocks. It's kinda what goes on top. The new album is gonna be more melodic." 

The guys also told about a greatest hits album they will release in October 2005 It's going to be a double album; one cd with their main hits and one with live material, rare releases and remixes.

An afterhourparty-mix by the Prodigy

Liam Howlett of The Prodigy delivers his earth shattering mix for Back To Mine compilation. 

Finding some time out from touring their Greatest Hits album 'Their Law', Liam - Prodigy has delivered one of the best albums to grace the Back To Mine decks, from the balls out rock of Queens of the Stone Age to the 2 Tone beat of The Specials. 

This compilation is currently expected to be released in January 2006.

AONO release date: 11 August

01. Spitfire 
02. Girls 
03. Memphis Bells 
04. Get Up Get Off 
05. Hot Ride 
06. Wake Up Call 
07. Action Radar 
08. Medusa's Path 
09. Phoenix 
10. You'll Be UNDER MY WHEELS 
11. The Way It Is 
12. Shoot Down-Alternate Track


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The new Prodigy album is finished!

The long awaited follow up to The Prodigy's 1997 Fat Of The Land album was showcased in London Thursday. Clips of six songs were played, ’Girlz’, ’Get Up Get Off’, ’Wake Up’, ’Ice’, ’’ and ’Hotride’.

'Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned' is now almost finished, and scheduled for a release in August this year.

Produced by Liam Howlett the new tracks have a full on sexy, dirty beat with any vocals way down in the mix and no immediately obvious contribution from Keith Flint as frontman.

The new material NME.COM heard was almost industrial in sound, and a marked difference to ’Baby’s Got A Temper’.

Liam told to "This album is about reminding people what the Prodigy was always about - the beats and the music. The vocals on this record are mostly used as an extension of the sound rather than the main focal point. like 'Jilted' (1994's 'Music For The Jilted Generation') , Keith (Flint) and Maxim weren't involved musically and they are not on this album. ALL three of us will be together to do what we do and play this record live and rock it later in the year, we can't fuckin' wait!

"You will probably begin to hear stuff early summer and the new album will hit in August. "

Source: and

Juliette Lewis collaborates with The Prodigy

Starsky And Hutch actress Juliette will guest on the Prodigy's new album after secretly going into a studio to sing on a series of tracks.

Liam and Mamix were blown away by American Juliette’s voice after hearing her burst into song while partying with pals in a Los Angeles bar.

It is also unclear if Keith Flint, who attempted to launch his own solo career last year, is still part of the set-up.


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Gene Simmons covers Prodigy

Gene Simmons from Kiss will release a new solo album 'Asshole' in April. The album will contain a cover version of Firestarter. Guitar parts are played by Dave Navarro from Jane's Addiction.


'Carnival of Souls'
'If I Had A Gun'
'Waiting For The Morning Light'
'Whatever Turns You On'
'Sweet & Dirty Love'
'Now That You're Gone'
'Black Tongue'
'I Dream A Thousand Dreams'

Source: Soneraplaza's Kaista

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The Prodigyn vokalistina ja tanssijana tunnettu Keith Flint tuo uuden Flint -yhtyeensä Ruisrockiin. Flintin Ruisrockin keikka on osa bändin kesäkuussa julkaistavaa debyyttilevyä tukevaa kiertuetta. Kiertue alkaa Lontoon Scalasta 11.6. Tulevalta levyltä on tähän mennessä julkaistu rajoitetun painoksen omaava single"Asteroids".

Tyylillisesti Flint liikkuu jossain Sex Pistolsin ja Ministryn välimaastossa. Asteroidsilla Keith Flint keuhkoaa lontoolaispainotuksilla kuin Johnny Rotten aikanaan, bändin taustajoukoista kitaristi Jim Davies muistetaan Pitchshifterin riveistä. Kokoonpanossa vaikuttaa ennakkotietojen mukaan lisäksi kaksi rumpalia, Kieron Pepper ja Tony Howlett.

Flintin levyn tuottaa Killing Joke -legenda Youth. Levyltä julkaistaan aluksi yksi video biisistä nimeltään Aim 4. Videosta vastaa ruotsalainen Jonas Åkerlund. Jonas Åkerlund on kansainvälisten markkinoiden kuumin video-ohjaaja viime vuosilta, Äkerlundin provokatiivista kädenjälkeä on nähty mm. Prodigyn, Madonnan ja U2:n videoilla.

Lisätietoa Ruisrockista ja lipun hinnoista löydät osoitteesta


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