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One Love

Liam initially released One Love and One Love (Jonny L remix) as 2 12" whitelabels known as Earthbound 1 & 2. Many of the DJ's who came across the whitelabels hailed them as 'the best whitelabel of the year' however when it was later known that it was Liam who was behind the music many of the so called 'underground' DJs stopped playing it since they thought that The Prodigy had long since sold out.

Liam had proved the underground DJs wrong and that he was still capable of producing pioneering dance music. A lot of the single's success was due to the strong b-side Rhythm of Life which many fans regard as one of The Prodigy's best tracks ever.

In the official Prodigy Biography, Liam has said that in retrospect he now wishes that 'Full Throttle' had been the A-side of this release, not 'One Love'. 

The version that appeared on The Prodigy's second studio album Music for the Jilted Generation was the shorter edit version due to Liam having to trim some running time off the album to allow it to fit on the master CD.

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