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The largest collection of Prodigy related articles and magazine scans in the web. Although there are already 556 articles available. Still I would like to have even more. If you got articles in your own language found from your local news paper or magazine, please contribute. Also scans from magazines are always more than welcome.


| DV
The Prodigy Loksins!

| DV

| DV
Hörð gagnrýni

| DV
Í vinnunni með Prodigy

| DV
Annálaðar sukkhátíðir


| Morgunbladid

| Morgunbladid
Eins og ólgandi haf

| Morgunbladid
Hoppað upp og niður

Misc articles

| Dagbladid Visir
Á Uxa '95


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This section is updated regularily and needs your help. If you have any magazine articles or scans please contribute. The aim is to build the ultimate Prodigy article archive for all fans and preserve all great articles. Especially it would be nice to get archived articles from the early days. I would be very grateful if you could find some and send them for me. Please email articles to

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