The Prodigy - Baby's Got A Temper music video

Director: Traktor
Producer: ?

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The video, (based on a Liam's dream) which features the band playing live on stage, in front of an audience of cows. The Prodigy filmed this new video in Poldi Kladno near Prague (Chzech Republic) in June 2002.

Video is directed by Traktor who are a group of Swedish directors who have done many advertisements and music videos - for other XL Recordings artists as well (Basement Jaxx's 'Where's Your Head At' and Layo & Bushwacka's 'Love Story'). The same Yellow Hue used on the film that Traktor used in the Fatboy Slim's 'Yo Mamma' video. The video for The Prodigy's controversial single, Baby's Got A Temper, received its TV premiere on June 5th at MTV2.

The video starts and a car arrives to this strange looking funfair in the grounds of power station. 3 old looking guys with suits leave the car and drink some milk (which later reveals coming from the Prodigy's audience..cows!) before they go into changing room. They punch their time cards and start to transforming into the band members. They are adding the piercings and the costumes. Keith shaves off his moustache. Then they are ready to go on stage and give a fucking gig to the herd cattle who generate milk. Then a fat old lady forces some half-naked women into the place to milk the cows into small milk bottles. No-one’s allowed in this arena with the cows, the cows are milked and the milk’s passed out through a gap to the people. The people is jumping and trying to buy the milk as people get high from drinking the milk. Every bottle is sold and people is acting crazy.. the Prodigy walks into the changing room again and they are taking their costumes off. They put their regular clothers on and walk away from the place.. they also give some tip to the policeman who is watching the event and keeping the "order".

This is pretty excelent video and works fine with the tune. This is also funniest video the Prodigy ever made. I just don't get it.. it seems like the Prodigy is giving out signs that they are just selling out their music and don't give a fuck about the real people and audience. Pretty ironic. Anyway this is nice video and will be memorable.

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