UK dance chart position: 23
UK singles chart position: 98


"Nasty" is the twenty-second single released by The Prodigy. It is to be released in January 2015, for their forthcoming sixth album. This single and The Day Is My Enemy album were produced at Sarm Studios London. Liam Howlett and producer Neil McLellan were recording at Studio Two nearly two months and Nasty was one of the last tracks finished to new album.

The single was announced on 29th of December, 2014, on Instagram and Facebook.

The single was released only in digital format with remixes. There were rumours about physical release but it never happened. The fan reactions to the single were quite mixed. Some people felt it was nothing new and used that same formulated production as Omen. Also UK chart positions were poor. That might be the reason physical release was withdrawn.

Digital Download

  1. 4:03 Nasty
  2. 4:11 Nasty (Zinc Remix)
  3. 5:09 Nasty (Spor Remix)
  4. 3:57Nasty (Onen Remix)

Spor about his remix on Beatport interview

How the did you hook up with The Prodigy to remix “Nasty”?

Honestly, I’ve no idea. I got asked through my management. I thought about making up a story about how we carved the idea together around a campfire, but I think my coffee is wearing off. As a lifelong fan of their music, I was obviously flattered at the opportunity. Hopefully they like it and I represent a piece of dance music that isn’t “so fucking dead.” I did get a call from someone at their management who suggested some changes, and said that certain aspects of my remix were — to quote — “flippant.” When I disputed, I got told that “normally when I ask people to change their remix they say ‘oh alright then’,” to which I said I wasn’t “normal,” but it all seemed to work out. The response I got was overwhelming, and really inspired me to drive home the final touches to Caligo, so thanks all. ... rly-career

As seen on Instagram

Before the single release Liam posted some alternative or work in progress covers for Nasty. As you can see the single was first named to "Nasty nasty" and then later changed just to "Nasty".

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