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title for prodigy book???

Started by St8ofbass, March 11, 2002, 08:31:53 PM

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I urgently need a title for the book (i always hated that voodoo crew one) and hoped some of you could help. can't pay for the suggestion but i'm sure i could dig out something cool, and a free copy of the book ofcourse!  :)
any suggestions? (keeping in mind the fact that the book won't only be read by well informed fans like yourselves.


hmm... in view of new prodigy image, some unknown facts in the book... how about "the prodigy - under cover"... at least it has got a lot of meanings as well
if i was in world war 2, they'd call me T-34!


What about

'Never outpointed'


'The Prodigy - Always unfused never infused'


'The Prodigy - Everything about souvenirs'


'Stress Fortress'

Mhm. Need more creative inspiration, might come back on that later on.

Tradition IS a tradition


'Never outgunned'
'The Full Story'
'Behind The Scenes'
'Live and Direct' or 'Live & Direct'
'In Your Face'
'The Next Dimension' (Or is the word 'dimention'? Not English from origin you know...)
'In The Picture'
'Rock Your Mindfields' or 'Rock the Mindfields'

Some of the titles are probably very... ehm, corny... is that the right word for it? I hope this helps you a bit though mate. I will see if I can think of different titles... Good luck!



How about:

"Relevant Terrorists"

reference to Liam's claim that since they are back they are relevant as f**k to the music at the moment.

It might sound b*****ks, :-X but best for the moment, Martin
i'll keep thinking, in the meantime i'll piss off snowboarding for a year or two and get back to you(sound familiar, ha ha!!!)

pauly b

Patrick |Platform01

something like..

-Funky Minds

-Prodigy for dummies : )

-The Dirtchambers

-The Generation

-Prodigy Generations

-Thrillas <- stupid as fuck..



= ) hehe, mine where there..

antz (too lazy to login)

something like..

-Prodigy for dummies : )

Thats a bloody good one, Martin - go with that!


What about something easy and catchy?

'News From The Dirtchamber' // 'Back from the Dirtchamber'


'Giving birth to the chamber of dirt.'
I like that one

'Let's get dirty when it's most worthy'
harr harr

Mhm. Really isn't that easy...
Tradition IS a tradition


Kepping with the military theme:

"Prodigy -  Squadron Leaders"

Do you or Liam now about wanting a particular theme Martin??? otherwise we are always gonna keep this army thing in the back of our minds whilst thinkin!!!

Also it would be helpful to know whether they will be shooting a video for this "proposed" single and the possible theme they might take as your book might be released roughly the same time?????

feedback would be great!!!

pauly b


its not that easy thinking of titles!

prod for dummies? might upset the publisher

no idea about the military theme - maybe just a passing fad for liam. dont lnow about the vid yet either - sorry

keep the suggestions coming



its not that easy thinking of titles!

prod for dummies? might upset the publisher

no idea about the military theme - maybe just a passing fad for liam. dont lnow about the vid yet either - sorry

keep the suggestions coming


yep I agree, this military thing will pass,  so dont go base a books title around something so thin...

will the book be released before the next album?

ok suggestion:

5 years and counting
was it worth it
boys and their toys
why are we waiting.
Delusional Ravers.


Smack The Pitch Up

The breath of a century
(since Prodge used to put a lot of different musical directions into their music)

Tradition IS a tradition


A Punk Attitude?

Does that sound gay? It would work with or without the question mark



completely chancing the subject, but is i right that you (since writing state of bass -jungle) know a bit about the scene, contacts, etc. as two of my close friends have been writing drum n' bass for two years and have twice appeared on "future music" compliations. Could i send you a bit of their work to see what you think?, they are currently doing a remix for Ian Robertson's next single(???) ,you might of heard of him, i aint.
anyway it would be nice to get some feedback from someone in the know, sort of thing.

pauly b

p.s thought of another title:
2002: A Punk Oddessey.


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