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title for prodigy book???

Started by St8ofbass, March 11, 2002, 08:31:53 PM

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sadly i have little control over things like the cover art work. the first version of the book had ants on the front and an old pic (from australia) of the band in a little insert on the back.  my picture was as big!!!
i'm glad they're using a an easier to recognise design and i do like steve gullick's photo (its also the only post lerrpy band shot) but i'd hoped they would make it look a bit punkier. still the final design has yet to come so my input may still be respected.

oh well


Whats the book about? anything that us fans dont know already?


probably a lot of stuff you do know, but definately stuff you won't already know. the first version of the book introduced a lot of interesting facts about the band that weren't covered in electronic punks or anywhere else. especially the stuff about liam.
this time round - more in depth biogs on each member (incl Leeroy), and especially Liam. everything since fotl (tours/ solos etc), the new material, on the road anecdotes and so on. its 120,000 words long which is twice the length of 'Voodoo Crew' - so there's bound to be somethings in there that are new to you.


so what you're saying is that it would be a good idea for us all to buy your book?


i'd love it if you all bought the book!!!
i'd love to give copies to everyone but i only get five myself. trust me, this ain't no get rich quick scheme either.
i'm a fan who is a journalist and just trying to do a good job on the progigy biog.
but if you don't want to buy it there's always the library  :D


I'm definitely in, so if you'd be able to say where we can order quick (and cheap) we will ALL buy it, right lads?

Oh, I have to edit this posting, forgot something:
Is there a slight possibility that there are some details of Liam talking about music (writing, producing, whatever) in the book?

He always seems quite secretive about that...

Tradition IS a tradition


there are a few things re the process for the new stuff - but liam is still secretive about the equipment side of things - so its not too techy :)

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