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Started by Breathe_with_me, October 07, 2001, 02:49:04 PM

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What are your favorite bands other than Prodigy?

My favorites are: Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Deftones.


Pearl jam is the worst band in music history.

Respect to Rage against the machine, System of a down, AsianDubFoundation, NOFX, Sex Pistols.
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my favourite bands are: the prodigy(?), hardknox, the crystal method, ratm and some russians bands, i won't list them here because anyway nobody knows them, except me ;)

but also i like some tracks of other bands: lunatic calm, junkie xl, tricky, red hot chili peppers and etc....
if i was in world war 2, they'd call me T-34!


Yes, Sex Pistols are brilliant, unfortunately I failed to buy the album for a few bucks some day ago.

ADF is great as well, as is Hardnox, as is Crystal Method (have you heard the new album? Wow, what an evolution!).

I prefer the old Guitar-legend-stuff, like Steve Vai or Joe Satriani. Else I like Guns'n'Roses (yeah, I know, but the first album is very very good), my own stuff and some finnish music a friend sent me.
And of course The Chemical Brothers.

I left the electronic-music scene a little.
Used to hear Fatboy Slim a while ago, but nowadays I know it just sucks donkeyballs.
Tradition IS a tradition



P.s.: Your Funky Shit-rmx was extreme. How did you record it?
Sounds quite professional.

Greets, Ekko.
Tradition IS a tradition


mine is APHEX TWIN (keally kicks ass) SQUAREPUSHER oh shit there are so many but i like experimental things, some techno, wicked and mental dnb, little on house....
check it out


I like quite some different styles of music. Everytime I list my favorite artists I forget some since it's just too many. But I only really buy Prodigy myself and I let the buying of other items up to my fianc


Orbital, Crystal Method, Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, FSOL, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Apollo 440, Muziq, Orb, Plaid, 808state, Daft Punk... The list just goes on. Prodigy is the best though.


GREEN DAY, radiohead, muse, fatboy slim, blink 182, foo fighters, weezer, oasis, idlewild, lit blahblahblahblah


the prodigy,the chemical brothers(until 1997),lunatic calm,orbital,goldie's timeless,fatboy slim(older stuff,now is crap),sl2,acen,altern 8,liquid,nu-matic,baby d,oasis,omd,pet shop boys(their very early works),moby,the future sound of london,the crystal method's vegas,4 hero rave era,m.a.n.i.c,smarte's,leftfield (some),olive(a few),massive attack(some),depeche mode,ltj bukem,suburban base early releases,manix,shades of rhythm... many more to list!
the best prodigy tracks are-no good,breathe,out of space,everybody in the place,narayan.
don't forget prodigy's roots-rave 91-92!!


My favorite bands/artist apart from Prodigy are:

Massive Attack
Fatboy Slim
The Artful Dodger

and also "Steps" (((JK)))

Sam (Guest)

I'm not really into band stuff, but I listen to DJ's.  My faviorte djs are as listed

1) Paul Oakenfold
2) Judge Jules
3) DJ Tiesto
4) D:Fuse
5) Timo Maas


 8) Prodigy, Scooter, Paul Van Dyk, Caater, DJ Quicksilver, Kosmonova, 666, ATB, DJ Cvetkoff.........  8)


I'd just like to add Foo Fighters, they're kinda good.
NIce to see that a lot of people viewed this topic...

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