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Started by Breathe_with_me, October 07, 2001, 02:49:04 PM

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And i would like to add Acen. Remember trip 2 the moon? (in terms of prodigy the experence era) bloody good shit


holy shit!!
you're the first person in this forum who seems to remenber the 1992 era!!! :D,I got the trip to the moon trilogy as well as all the altern 8 stuff and sl2, liquid,manix...


No no no! I remember too...!   lol

Does anyone know the track "Window in the sky" from Acen?

And else Baby D is sooo great!

Do you know a good website related to the early 90's Breakbeat-stuff?

Wanna get back into that vibe...
Tradition IS a tradition


yes, check out these, that's one of the best, or just type oldskool rave in yahoo and you will find many more.


you're the first person in this forum who seems to remenber the 1992 era!!! :D,I got the trip to the moon trilogy as well as all the altern 8 stuff and sl2, liquid,manix...

Its a real shame i didnt grow up with this music as i only learnt about the rave style after getting my hands on


Favorite Bands: Cypress Hill, Chemical Brothers,  (Old) Fatboy Slim, Linkin Park, Caater, finnish rap

One Man Army

prodigy, megadeth, metallica, iron maiden, pantera, oasis, the beatles, the beace boys, republica, nirvana, rammstein, rage against the machine (Zack's era).

One Man Army

wierd.. i chosed "thumb up" and i came out as thumb down.. >:(


Chemical Brothers , Cardigans ,and the old Sex Pistols


Prdogy, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Wauvenfold, Orbital, Lamb, Massive Attack.

Most stuff on Mo' Wax or Ninja Tunes.

kinda eclectic, really.


To be honest, I can't hear the Chems or Fatboy or most works of the (good) old BigBeat-era anymore, kinda fed up, kinda grown out I guess.

I got stuck with Bossa Nova and good old 70's Funk, oh gotta leave, more later
Tradition IS a tradition


same here...gradually the Chems just like didn't appeal to me anymore.

My fave bands: Prodigy ( number 1 )
              Jurassic 5
    Del tha funky homosapien
 Dan Nakamura's stuff
Roni Size, Dillinja, Adam F , Andy C
and old Foo Fighters
i'm too young for Sex Pistols :D
you've got to open up your eyes and see the light


Fav Bands:

The Prodigy
The Chemical Brothers
RMB (older stuff, of course)
Crystal Method
Massive Attack
Primal Scream
Skunk Anansie
Atari Teenage Riot (only when Im pissed)


i'm too young for Sex Pistols :D

Nobody's too young for the Pistols...

Don't know, about three four years ago, I would have jumped around like shite if somebody turned up one of the older Chem's records, but it somehow lost its glance.
It's not that I heard it too much over the years, I'm just 'out' of it. Damn pity, when I think back to the days, lying on the grass in the sun, Chemical Brothers roistering out of the box, everybody dancing or just having a pleasent time...
That was great.
The crap is, it's not even ME who is responsible for not liking this Big Beat stuff anymore, it just evolved out of me over the years without asking for my permission.
I'm pretty sure though this won't happen to my relationship with Prodigy's music, it's just a complete different class.

It's highest time for new music and I don't only think of the Prodigy by saying that.

Cheerio to the past
Tradition IS a tradition


most of us have similar taste...well almost!!!

mines got to be prodge first(it may change, AONO we'll see?)
then Chems, Foo Fighters, RATM, DJ Shadow, Ian Brown(espeically that track with UNKLE, wicked!!!), Oasis, Supergrass, Manics, Pistols, Chilli Peppers, Orbital, Nirvana.

Cant stand: Bon 'Wanky' Jovi, Guns n' Poofters, all cheesy american rock, Nickelback are an exception.
Coldplay|(at first i liked then realise they are a good funeral band).


pauly b

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