Earthbound 2 for sale!

Started by Arie, July 01, 2003, 04:06:34 PM

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I've got a spare Earthbound 2 copy for sale. Comes in a white sleeve. On the A-side is the "EARTHBOUND 2" logo, on the B-side is a writing saying something like "One Love Liam Howlet Remix". Serious offers only please!

I also have a spare, opened, Fresh Packed Cuts and several promotional 12 inches (Fire/Jericho, Wind It Up, et cetera) for trade or sale. Again, serious offers only please!


This one above is sold, but I've got another Earthbound 2 for trade or sale as well as an Earthbound 1 white label. Interested? Send me an e-mail.


Hey Arie,

Ik heb nog een ingesealde 'always outnumbered.." indonesishe cassette liggen. Mocht je interesse hebben...!


Jep, altijd ;) Stuur maar een e-mail naar prodigy apenstaartje worldonline punt nl ;)

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