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Started by The Prodigy, November 22, 2001, 05:24:52 AM

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djphoenix (Guest)

"Bwoooooooooooooys.... I may be not Older than you but still My signature stands there for somethin'........"I'm the trouble starter punkin' instigator! (Just like Keith!) Now shut up!"
Hey Firestarter Do you belive Keith beyond the stage plays this persona, it's just a song.


now that had the truth, but you shouldn't take him seriously, cuz he's right in his own way, just kinda jokin' or what. just playin a role to protect what he likes.

oh fuck off..... we all like them. everybody finds what he likes in the music.

wolf eater

I hope your not talking about me Ekko.
And if you were I didnt leave or change my name.
Its just I had nothing to say till now!
Ohh and you didnt make me angry so dont worry, my friend and I thought the whole thing was pretty funny.
I still dont understand why you are a senior member and you dont even like the Prodigys latest stuff, if you dont like it why dont you move on, find something new, maybe get a girlfriend instead of spending your whole day replying to nearly every single post thats ever gone up in this board.
Buy the way I saw Prodigy at the BDO, Trigger and Nuclear  fudging rocked and how about that new song aye, fucking killer (ohh Ekko you wouldnt of heard that yet)
Thats all I have to say for now....
The thing is, Arie, that he won't understand you.
Not because he's silly or something, he's just not willing to.
He reads your reply and gets even more angry, about you for example, how could you 'dare to explain' him things or whatever.

Maybe you remember a certain person here -who obviously left the board (or changed his name)- I had a little rant with.
You came and tried to calm the situation, what made this person even more steamy. It was a very kind gesture of you, trying to help people who seemed to have a little misled conversation.

I'm sure Senore Firestarter is going to flame us both, because of our research about his behaviour,
or he's getting silent.

I decided not to deal with those guys too much anymore.
That leads to nothings.
Maybe I'm wrong and he'll understand, or maybe he just had a sort of a 'Gotta showya my punkin attitude'-attack and will go easy now.
Dunno, doesn't matter.


man , why do u always have to have a go at ppl man, and i hope ekko ignores what u said 'cause that was the most useless post in the history of the internet -  
you've got to open up your eyes and see the light


free_your_mind, why did you apologize? Cause 3 people on this board think you're an idiot? You said that electronic music sucks and when you said it you should of stick to that. Are you going to change your opinion and apologize everytime someone calls you a moron?

This is a free world, you can express your opinion, it's yours, you rely on it and nobody else. Ignore them all, are they of any importance in your life? My guess is... no. Dont apologize, stick with your opinion, I really dont give a rat's ass what anyone thinks. You didnt offend anyone.
And all of those people that attacked you, well, respect their opinions too altough as Arie said:"...swearing is a sign of weakness..." just dont go around saying that you're the biggest prodigy fan or whatever, you wont get any pluses for doing that, you'll just be laughed at and I think you dont want that.

That's all.

Bye now.

wolf eater

who asked you kenzie
i was talking to ekko


What is all this cack you are talking about?  And what's it got to do with the new Prodigy record??

wolf eater

good question!
ahhhhh something about the new album....wonder when its coming out. ;)


Well it probabaly come out in about 2026, but who gives a **** as long as they get they ass over here an do some good P.A's cos that wot they do best anyway.  Feck da album crap.

Prodigy for T in the Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lets blast  da place again!!!!!!!

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