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Off Topic / Chat - IRC or something?
January 30, 2002, 10:39:07 AM
Hey, guys, what do you think about the idea we all meet once a week on a certain chat? It would be good if Juge set up a chat though:) but anyway, tell me what you think...

It's not a bad idea, right?  8)
Off Topic / Chemical Brothers - Come With Us
February 01, 2002, 07:39:24 PM
I was at the record shop this morning and saw two versions of the box (one is plastic and the other one is like made of carton).

I bought the one with the carton cause whenever I buy a plastic box I always smash it.

So...erm, dont know if anyone is interested in this... this is like my little review of the CD. Your opinions are, of course, always welcome and that is the point of this thread, anyway.

01. Come With Us - nice intro, you can clearly see their Trade Mark in this one and that is something I can't say about...07/10

02. It Began In Afrika - this is a huge hit in my country (Croatia). I'm not surprised cause most of the youth here would dance to anything that has bass in a track. Anyway, this is, IMHO, the worst track they have ever done.

Very minimal and so not them. Altough I really like the cuting end of the track that leads into... 02/10

03. Galaxy Bounce - kinda remind's me of the "DYOH" era. 08/10

04. Star Guitar - a little boring, like the vocals though. Very simillar to the sirens.... 05/10

05. Hoops - very nice. Chill With Us. 08/10

06. My Elastic Eye - also very good. New sound. Nice perfect beats and mixed with this 18-th century sound. A surprise to say the least. 08/10

07. The State We're In - well, we all know the state they're in. This track goes by the classic formula that appears on all of their albums and suprisingly enough, the formula still works. 06/10

08. Denmark - This track is kinda cool. But only kind of. There is nothing new in this track that I havent heard before. It's just empty. It doesnt have any energy. It's funny, really. Very amusing. 05/10

09. Pioneer Skies - Tweakers Delight to say the least. This is what they want to sound like. This is their essence but there's only one problem: they had the inspiration but not enough time to develop it. 07/10

10. The Test - Ah, excellent. Really good. Setting Sun without the distortion. Very bluesy, country, mixed with trip's, chicks, and wild hips  :o  

My favourite on the album. Note: this is the first time I preffer the last track on the album more than the others. 09/10

This album is a journey and I truly believe they always wanted to come to this level and it looks like they finally made their dreams come true.

IMHO. this is not their best album. DYOH & EPD are the deep ones while Surrender IMHO still remains their worst album.

NOTE: This is only my standpoint on the album. Dont start dissing me cause you think that this track rulez, this doesnt..etc.  ;)

General talking / critisism
May 15, 2002, 03:03:18 AM
I dont really like to describe prodigy tracks and breaking them down to atoms... like: this was not a good idea, hm... the mixing is not quite right, hm... the sound just doesnt cut it..etc.

When I hear a prodigy track I like to see myself somewhere in "the deep" evolving or whatever, you know, like becoming one with the track and emotionaly studying it. I like that.

So, people, when something new comes out dont start to write essays so we could all know that you "dig" it. It's enough to say that the track is wicked or it sux.

Anyway this is only my opinion, I wount change it. I dont even demand replyes. I really dont. This is like a statement or whatever. A manifesto  ;)


[this is not a media hype]
General talking / Name The New Album
January 27, 2002, 11:36:03 AM
Ok, so, we all agree that the "aono" is a working title. Right?  ::)

Anyway, use your imagination and write what would you like the new album to be called.

I dont have a suggestion yet... oh, wait, I got one: The Three Musketeers?  ;D

Technical questions / No. of posts remains the same
February 01, 2002, 03:54:54 PM

need a little help here... I was just looking at some of my posts and the 3 most recent ones have the same number (26).

I dont know if this one's gonna be the same but anyway, do you know why is this happening?

The Prodigy releases / 7 Funny Things
August 18, 2002, 10:16:13 PM
Now, over the last couple of days some elements began to form into a shape. I dont really know what that looks like but it's funny how things get connected... for instance:

01. Castbreeder cover featured a cow - BGAT video is full of them.

02. On the cover of TFOTL it says "would you rather have butter or GUNS" - new album: Always Outnumbered, Never OutGUNned.

03. In the Inlay of the BGAT cd I noticed that the ant has only four legs that are in touch with the circle that surrounds him and the other 2 are not. I figured this as 4 legs in touch with the circle are really the 4 prodigy albums since the 4-th one is one its way, it makes sense. And Liam said that the album will be preceeded by 2 singles - hence the 2 "free" legs.

04. When BGAT came out it was concidered like the bomb, wall of fucking noise or whatever... but when it didnt stay in the charts long enough Liam said that the track was more like a bridge to the next album.

05. The Minefields video was supposed to be shot and the coreography already started... i've got a few pictures of liam, flint, leeroy and maxim all fucked up in some termintator tipe thing. Im sure you all have the pics but why the video never saw the light of day is beyond me. If anyone knows, please reply.

06. Where could I get the original artwork for SMBU. The VW Beetle smashed into a tree?

07. Lets make an organisation that would look for Liam's white labels. Im really interested in that. Maybe he's making some house tunes under a different name. Since Paul Parris will be in use shortly, I cant see why other tracks wouldnt have pseudonims.


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