Mackie 8 buss 24/8/2 analog mixing desk

Mackie 8 buss 24/8/2 analog mixing desk

When the Mackie 8-buss mixing consoles were introduced years ago, they turned the project studios upside down. Never before was there a such a price/performance ratio in a project studio mixer. Mackie makes the claim that the 8-buss is capable of sound quality equal to or better than that of $100,000 consoles. 8-Bus consoles have recorded more platinum albums and major motion picture soundtracks than any other mixer in their class -- they set the standard for affordable 8-bus consoles.

Available in 16. 24, and 32 channel formats, the Mackie 8-buss was designed for nearly any recording situation. A 24 channel expander is available if more channels are required. In fact, the 8-buss can be expanded with up to 96 channels! The Mackie 8-buss also had great routing flexibility as well as excellent sound quality. The gap had narrowed between professional and project mixers.


With this Liam used to mix almost all his tracks!

"The Prodigy sound owes a lot to Mackie because I've been using their stuff for years. The first mixer I ever bought was a Mackie CR1604, which I got when I was a teenager, and I've now got a 32:8 analogue eight-buss console that I love because it gives us our distinctive Prodigy sound. It's a desk that lends itself to being driven very hard. It has a naturally warm sound that allows you to push the channels as far as they'll go. Part of the appeal of The Mews was that it had a 32:8, so I immediately felt at home."

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