Fat Of The Land (Official Book)

Started by warrior, March 28, 2002, 02:10:24 AM

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I was wonder if anyone knew how many pages this book contains.


I don't have the book with me since I'm at work at the moment ;) so I can't tell you. This evening I'll be leaving for a long weekend to France, so I can't tell you untill next week Tuesday I'm afraid. By heart, it's about 1,2 CM thick, so you might be able to take a guess yourself.

It's a good book, very good even. Besides photos there's some text. Only short parts, but good quotes if you ask me. The photos are very nice, good detail. A lot of unknown pictures too. Defenitely worth the money if you ask me.



great book... some of gullick's photos are astounding, and pat pope's are pretty good too. none from jamie fry though which was a shame since he did so much of the 'jilted' era stuff.

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