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Prodigy Live @ Witnness Festival

Started by trigger, July 09, 2002, 02:15:37 AM

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Prodigy Live @ Witnness Festival

Saturday, July 13, 2002

For more information visit:



from Pitchshifter website in the news sections:

Pitchshifter guitarist Jim Davies has announced that he will unable to play at the bands forthcoming support slot gig with Iggy Pop at Brixton Academy this Saturday due to the gig clashing with the Prodigy's appearance at the Witness Festival in Dublin.

A quote from Jim: "I had been hoping that I could fulfil both duties this year without any gigs clashing and it had been working out fine until this gig came up, it's a real shame and it's done my head in trying to workout how to get around it, (short of getting a helicopter to pick me up outside Brixton Academy the moment we finish!!) basically the Prodigy are doing only a handful of gigs this year which I felt I should do."

does Jim really like the Prodges or what?!



seems so indeed

i have been wondering for a while what they were gonna do about guitars that eve, had expected Jim to play with PSI...

shame the gigs clash anyway, would have loved to see PSI in London again.

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