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Best Summer EVER??

Started by miwant, April 16, 2002, 10:02:49 PM

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It is confirmed for a week now that the Prodigy is coming to Axion Seat Rock (or whetever it is called nowaydays), they'll have to kill me to keep me away of that gig!!

I am planning to record that gig, can anyone give me some advice on what material/mircophone best to use? I am a sony minidisc (on of the more recent types).

For all those who are coming to Ostend (Seat Rock) lets me know, i am kinda curious to meet other prodigy fans...

btw is Reading confirmed yet?
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I might come, not sure though. I heard Muse was coming too. Not great live, but their albums are okay I think. Would be nice if Prodigy and Muse play on the same day. This way my girlfriend is happy too ;p Should check out the dates finally and prices and all...


Yes my friend, it' s gonna be the best fuckin' summer ever. And yes Arie prodge plays after muse so it's the same day. Muse sucks indeed live. Other acts are garbage, jamiroquai, david bowie,no doubt,the herbaliser, slam,...

I really hope the prodigy will play some other new material at beach rock and some older stuff like break and enter, out of space, no good,...
Why are they neglicting their roots? Stuff like break and enter is fuckin' timeless. I understand that they won't play stuff from experience cos they're not longer a pure rave band but common jilted is fuckin' awesome, why always the tunes from the fat of the land?


I'm planning to go to the seat beach rock festival. Garbage and Muse will be playing on the same day as The Prodigy. Saw Muse before The Prodigy at lowlands last year they are not so bad.

from : On the subject of the program, we chose a formula that shows the main contemporary musical styles, from a main stage with the bigger rock legends, a tent offering cosy clubgigs and dance


those dance tents (techno/drum n bass/alternative) are really nice, last year (when the festival was still on the beach) there was one day with only dance music, the tents were really bursting of energy but the main stage sucked: a single dj on a gigantic stage sucks, that's really empty to see.

The next day was reserved for bigger bands & rock. Dunno what exactly what the formula is going to be this year but i'll let ye know as soon as i know more.

Btw anyone seen Fatboy Slim live yet? Missed that guy last year, got the feeling I missed a lot :(
let the ant rule your life!



I am planning to record that gig, can anyone give me some advice on what material/mircophone best to use?
You'd best get an outdoor microphone (one of those with the funny fur around it), but usually those are expensive and too large to be smuggled under a jacket or some other piece of cloths.
I'd recommend a normal medium class microphone with a wind-cover if available.
You can't do anything wrong, but you'd best try to keep it away from being hit or squished and don't keep it under your jacket all of the time.
I tried to smuggle in a MD rec and a mike as well,
put the stuff in my shoes, but some mad bloke jumped on my shoe as I tried to get it out and put into the lower end of my sleeve to record.
And don't record in long play.

I am a sony minidisc (on of the more recent types).
Congratulations you funky minidisc, I am just a silly doorknob
Tradition IS a tradition


you've got to open up your eyes and see the light


The whole line-up for seat beach rock has been announced, Primal Scream is one of the bands added to the festival line-up.

For all the bands see (line-up is in the pop-up window)


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