Glastonbury 2002

Started by Acid_Twin, January 29, 2002, 02:39:44 AM

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Would you agree its pretty safe to say The Prodigy will headline this?

Also, has anyone ever been to Glastonbury before? I would love to know how it works, ticket prices, do u stay in a camp there? how many days etc etc, if prodigy do headline, or even not, i would love to go :P



I'd say theres a fair chance of them playin british festivals this summer, though Rod Stewart has been confirmed to headline one night at Glastonbury this year.

It is a 3 day festival, Friday - Sunday with camping Thursday - Monday, Tickets are about


has any one of you ever heard any comments made by The PRODIGY about their gigs in South Africa...espacially Cape Town...I missed it but I wonder if they'll come back ( u know a tour for the new album or sumthin') but us ppl in Cape Town deserve another show...the truck with all the stage props, lighting etc. broke down...that meant Faithless was probably pretty lame...but all my friends that did go said Prodigy were still good ...u know more visuals than Dj's and faithless when theres no cool lighting 'n stuff...but i bet their show would've been much better if the fecking truck didn't break they better come back...
you've got to open up your eyes and see the light


Actually, Glastonbury opens it's gate Wednesday morning, so (if you're hardcore enough) you can have five days (wed-sun). He was right by saying that acts are on only friday, saturday & sunday though. Ignore this shit about Rod Stewart, there'll be some seriously good acts there this year; Orbital are the only wicked act who definitely will be playing, but strong rumours abound of Basement Jaxx, Ian Brown, Roger Walters, Faithless, Lamb, Stereophonics (unfortunately), and even the mighty Radiohead are going to be playing. I can hardly wait.


and yes, I'd bet the Prodigy will be there. They *might* do Reading instead (they have before), but Glastonbury is the bigger (& better) of the two, so fingers crossed!


I'm a Glasto regular and just found out they are doing the carling weekend. :-[
Lets hope they still do Glastonbury. :)

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