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What software do you use?

Started by fj, November 17, 2001, 03:51:23 AM

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I used cool edit 96 to process my samples and use fruity loops to create my tracks and remixes

How bout u?


I use Cubase for arranging and Fruity L.3 for beats and short noises to be stretched and stuff.
Sample processing and recording usually goes in Wavelab,
Fruity L is really tight and neat, but I couldn't do a complete track with it. But for the drums it's the very best stuff, it never ever get's wrecked (like Cubase) and does everything I want and need.
How is Cooledit? I had a demo once, but it was old and crashed a lot.

Greets, Ekko

Tradition IS a tradition


cool edit is good

The 96 version is fine (i used someone elses registrastion code) but i like free things

I have made DJ mix cds with this program (cool edit) and bloody hell it sounded smooth

oh year i fixed the link for the mega mix. shows what i can do with the two programs

and click the link MEGA


Some software which I use and used to use. I lost some due to hard disk formats without burning backups... oops ;)

- Cool Edit Pro (used to use Cool Edit 2000)
- Fruity Loops (lost mine, now looking for a new one)
- Fast Tracker
- Impulse Tracker
- Gold Wave
- Wave Studio
- Cubasis (see Fruity Loops)
- Cubase (see Fruity Loops... again)
- Some Roland software (lost it too)
- Buzz
- Close To The Edit (lost it as well... always thought the title of the software reminded me of the A.O.N. ;)

Anyone who could direct me to websites for 'free' software? I'm looking for the ones mentioned above as well as Cubasis Notation, a good drum machine, other good software, et cetera?



There were rumors about a certain search engine, it was called the "Hell!-Get-me-a-load-of-fucking-illegal-music-shit!-engine-of-doom", but unfortunately it never saw the daylight.
So I'd recommend Morpheus / Kazaa (the same), you can get all the 'big' progs there.
Most of the stuff mentioned here is avaible there.
Good luck.

Oh, sorry, I just have to do it
AHAHAHAHAAAA, WAVE STUDIO! Mwuhahahahahahahaa......
Tradition IS a tradition


Wave Studio, best freeware in the world ;)

As for all the software, I found some things back the same day I posted that message. But links are still welcome ;)


Ive never used cubase. what are the advantages?


On another note for live mixing i use Atomix. this programs makes dj mixing child play.

I love it i love it i love it  ;D


Advantages in relation to what?
Fruity Loops?

Mhm, difficult to say I find, both have their own purpose, but I prefer Cubase because of the more tidy screen and because it's a sequencer, not a stepsequencer.
It's important to leave the rhythmic pattern from time to time, that's not possible with Fruity. (Okay, it IS possible, but you won't need to remain on the envelopes, you have to deal with them if you want to get out of the stepmeasure.)
Beside, you have VST(2)-instruments. There are plenty of great instruments out there, for Fruity you just have plugins and in-build synthies (which are all a tad to simple and dull, I think...).
Cubase offers good audio-editing tools from the start, although I think Logic is more clever when it comes to standard audio-processing things. But Logic isn't my type, to be honest, it still is a tad to strange for my taste (the saving-structure for songs & plugins & co is VERY silly.)
Also, Cubase' Mastering-section is top notch, plus you have build in dynamic-editing tools and an EQ, although the compressor is a bit simple. But it hits.

Man, you better check it out yourself, there's too much to tell you about it.
You'll need some time, make yourself a huge bottle of Citrustea (you know, this instant-type, mhhhm!), lock the door and sit down with a nice spliff while playing with the prog.
That's the ULTIMATE way of learning how to write music.
It always worx.
Tradition IS a tradition


Oh Arie, if you still welcome links, I'd recommend you

(It's not really about getting software, but still very interesting. Good for figuring out what you need and which direction you wanna go, musically. After that, I'd suggest
a longer visit at Morpheus to get hold on the stuff.)

(see above)

And still the best sound-search-engine on the web:

How is Atomix?
Did you make your mix with that program?
I used to try something with Native Instruments Traktor, but it didn't pay off for me, don't like this fiddeling around with the mouse.
I can understand that people like that prog, but it's not very intuitive and it doesn't have that shine.

Btw., do you know Final Scratch?
Check out if you're interested
(and A DJ and rich).
Very strange, you get a little box, two Finalscratch-vinyls and software for your PC. You position your PC somewhere next to your turntables and connect that box to the mixer.
The cable-setup looks like following:
You get out of the turntables into the mixer, from there into the box, from there into the PC.
On the PC you have that software which can play mp3, wav, ogg, aiff - well, it plays nearly everything.
Place one or both red FS-vinyls on the turntable and the rest'll be MAGIC!
You can now DJ with your mp3's and everything that lies on your HD.
You can mix real vinyls into your own mp3-songs, you can add CD players to the setup, so you can mix with everything that's digital or analog.
Imagine that man! A human dream has come true.
The trick is, that this FS-vinyls are musically empty, but contain a signal that say the box behind the mixer what the needle is doing. So is the movement and speed of the needle copied to the PC and layered of the stuff you're playing there.
Amazing shit.
But I'm not goint to get that. I don't know what it is, but there's something I don't like about it.
I think it's too digital and new and commercial.
Better stay limited.
Tradition IS a tradition


How is Atomix?
Did you make your mix with that program?

I didnt make my mix with that program (i used fruity) Its more for djing at a club you know gatecrasher, mos etc
No scraching yet but atomix 2.0 is about to come out i think so there might be a scraching feature

I was going to buy proper turntables but now i just might buy a laptop and use atomix to do gigs

Now i just need the cash

and oh year im looking to download cubase as we speak
What version would best suit a beginner


Best for beginners would be CubaSIS Audio (2.0?)
It's tight, small and understandable.
Or get Logic, it's good as well, but the war between Logic & Cubase users is a sort of a religious war. Both are good.

For mixing I recommend CD players nowadays, buy them, a CD writer and a mixer and you're set, vinyl is much too expensive and it's not worth using them to DJ and / or scratch, they'll sound muffy very soon. Plus, burning your own CD's is more easy than making your own dubplates... ;-)
Tradition IS a tradition


dunno guys, i've never used Cubase or windows based sequencers... I'm still using FT2! Just because I feel full control in there. Well, anyway, I'm gone into trackering since i'm 15...

there is some soft, that i'm using atm:

Acid 3 Pro
Sound Forge 5 + many DirectX plugins...
WavLab 3
Reaktor 3 + my own synths
Retro AS-1

it's the base.

p.s. but i should say that my modules became very big since i've started use loops, separated stereo 16 bit samples.
for example, carmen_queasy.xm is 58 megabytes ;)
if i was in world war 2, they'd call me T-34!


Yeh, I used Ultratracker, my first music-software, I was so astonished by 'ALL THE POSSIBILITYS ULTRA TRACKER OFFERS THE CUSTOMER", but a couple of years later I discovered vertical scrolling sequencers and what should I say guys? I fell in love...

Trackers are often seen as childtoys, but only because every high-end studio is normally recording with Vert Sequencers and nobody's talking about them.
Most people don't know that some of the best musicians / producers (Squarepusher for example) are using trackers.
I see them as a kind of a secret weapon, if you know what I mean...

Tradition IS a tradition


Well, yeah, i always see my FT2 as secret weapon :) hehe
sometimes, somebody asks me about what i'm using, and dialogue looks like:

somebody: man, what are you using for sequencing?
zed: FT2
somebody: what's that?
zed: a tracker
somebody: ah... tracker... erm... hmm... erm... cool...

it's pretty funny that the most peeps or don't know what's a tracker or just thinks that a low quality music toy...

but actually, i can save a module in very high quality... atm it's 4 channels (quadra), 32 bit (float) per channel, 48 khz.. or 96 khz, 24 bit...
not bad i guess...
if i was in world war 2, they'd call me T-34!

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