Kerrang! BDO review.

Started by antz, February 11, 2002, 11:38:09 PM

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there's a massive review of the BDO tour in the February 9th edition of Kerrang, heres the excerpt about the Prodigy;

"Both the Prodigy & NOFX have refused to be interviewed today, which means that the first time we see the former is alongside 40,000 other people for their headline spot on the main stage. Naturally their massive lighting rig provides the basis of a spectacular light show, but with a near-full moon glowing brilliantly overhead, each of the arena's stands lit by red and green lights and vendors walking through the crowd selling glow sticks, things are already looking pretty magical.
   If anyone asks how you make a field full of Australians go absolutly mental, simply point them in the direction of the Prodigy. Liam Howlett appears first, triumphantly punching his hands in the air before taking his place behind his massive rack of effects and keboards, followed shortly by returning guitarist Jim Davies, helping out his old bandmates on these days. When the rig leaders of the show - Maxim & Keith Flint - appear to hammer into 'Their Law' it provides 40,000 people with an excuse to dance very badly indeed.
   'Breathe' sends the crowd completely through the stadiums non-existent roof, as does 'Smack My Bitch Up', while to new songs aired tonight - a typically energised rant called 'Trigger' and the punkier edge of 'Nuclear' - bode very well for the new album. Maxims resembles a human version of The Predator, while Keith runs around the stage like a psycotic madman throughout"

I've uploaded the the two pictures included with this review here

Well thats it, talk amongst yourselves :)


Firestarter 2

Hey THOSE two PIX rock That is the first time I've seen the BIGGER pick of Keith from all the other ones AND HE ROCKS! But he doesn't have his Hair spiked up Whats the DEAL?

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