Attempting to set up a record label

Started by The_Trick, January 29, 2002, 11:10:37 PM

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Need some support on this one guys.

Area 69 / Glitch recordings, we've got some downloads available, full mp3 that we'd love you all to check out, to give you a taster, check these tracks.

for plenty more, Dance, House, Techno, IDM, Breaks, Drum & Bass, Trance and anything else really check us out.

We've got a forum we'd love to see more people in. A competiton to win our back catolgue as well as hosting for a 30 min mix of yours or 30 mins worth of your own tracks.

HELP ME OUT PLEASE! BIG PRODIGY FAN, BIG PRODiGY INFLUENCES IN OUR MUSIC..If you yourself make tracks drop me a line at:



You suck.

Normally I always react polite and all, but there is no Prodigy influence in any of their music. They talk about setting up a label, but it seems like it is set up already, otherwise there couldn't be any music on it yet, now could there? ;p It seems like the typical spam you see on every board and newsgroup; post your spam and just mention that you are a fan or whatever of the band in question, but it doesn't work like that I think. I know this is the off topic section, but it doesn't mean you can pimp your web site here and all. It's a sad thing. If you want to promote your web site, then put it in your signature instead or something. I have no respect for people who spam.



You suck.

No, Arie, he doesnt _just_ suck. He sucks donkey balls (TM) by Ekko.  ;D


Uhh... I just love you all...
Tradition IS a tradition

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