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BT's studio robbed!

Started by warrior, January 12, 2002, 05:23:11 PM

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check link below for more information


Ok, let's try another way:

01. Will BT be on the Prodigy's new album?
02. Did they ever colaborate?
03. Is BT a new member of the Prodigy?
04. Are BT and Liam/Keith/Leeroy/Maxim relatives/mates/?
05. Is BT the producer of the new Prodigy album (if such a thing even egzist in the deepest depths of Liam's mind)?
06. Is there anyfucking thing that connects him with our favourite band?

Oh, let me guess: hm... like, NO?!

Please, post articles that have no relation whatsoever with the Prodigy's new material in the "Off Topic" section or whatever.

Thank You.


Shut the fuck up about BT, post that crap in the off-topic section!

You are a lame spammer! Please stop! You posted the same crap @ the XL board. Why??

BT Sucks...

I can't log in :( Please accept my apologies for being abit emotional!


You two sound like Arie... ^_^

Except for the swearing
Tradition IS a tradition


Ekko, and isnt it ironic?  ;D

(No, I dont listen to Alanis Morrisete)


You two sound like Arie... ^_^

Except for the swearing
I always try to stay nice indeed ;)


DA F-uCK! didn't i posted this already in 'New Material' and no one FUCKIn replied xcept some lame Moron. "Who da fuck is BT?" well whoever you are 1st you have to READ and the REPLY!!! Dumass! I posted a link for you to show u who BT was and you reply without checkin IT!

Gee It Annoys me!!

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