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The Second Division

Started by [da]Poisoner, January 10, 2002, 04:14:39 PM

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Have any of you guys heard any tracks from The Second Division ? This band absolutely rocks! I downloaded all of their available tracks and the overall quality is great. If you like Prodigy, Chemical Brothers or Crystal Method kind of stuff, I suggest you go and check them out at

At the moment my favorite track is Do it now, it's amazing tune IMHO.


TSD, mhhh, heard of them...
No, really, if you wanna chat with one of the guys, you should talk to Zed here at the board.
That guy kixx arse.

Tradition IS a tradition


thanks a lot! i hope our new album will rocks too. also some prodigy remixes are coming soon, i guess ;)

and thanks Juge, we're all still online :)

btw, he has got a birthday tomorrow (11.01.2002), so, don't even dare to forget to congratulate him! that guy rocks! :)

Happy Birthday, Jussi!

p.s. Ekko, am I so disgusting? :D
if i was in world war 2, they'd call me T-34!


Happy B-day Jussi (20? 21?)!

Have filled life and thank you for the site

Cheers mate

P.S.: Zed: Naaa, not a hint of disgust.
Cheerio for the original playaz ^_^
Tradition IS a tradition


Happy B-day Jussi (20? 21?)!

20 :)
It's gonna happen, but not yet ya know?

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