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4 Hero are back (have they ever been gone?)

Started by Arie, January 10, 2002, 09:44:13 AM

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I've just heard the new tune by 4 Hero called Les Fleurs. It sounded very nice I think, but I need to listen to it again to make up my mind about it really. They seem to have changed styles quite a bit to say the least, but I must admit that I haven't heard any of their music since... ehm... 1992/1993!


mr kirk?
you've a son named robbie, robbie kirk aged 17?
I'm sorry mr kirk,you better come down to the station house,your son is dead
dead? how?
he died of an overdose

come down to the station house... your son is dead!

remeber this arie?? ;D


Great tune. I used to listen to that kind of music always and I still do. Nothing could ever beat Prodigy in my opinion though. Have you heard that version of Mr. Kirk's Nightmare on Twitch? I prefer that one to the original. Anyway, I need to get my hands on an MP3 of this new tune so that I can deside if I really like it or not. I haven't seen the single in any shop yet otherwise I would listen there. I think I will like it judging by what I heard, although I have only heard it once.


Oh right, I love Les Fleurs, it's like a hymn
Have you heard the other new tunes yet?
Beutiful, just beautiful
Tradition IS a tradition

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