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The Prodigy songs you don't like

Started by Breathe_with_me, November 12, 2001, 09:10:40 PM

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... what the fuck is all the "firestarter" bashing i see here?? are you people out of your mind?!?!?! i don't know what it is that you smoking but anyway STOP IT!!

firestarter is one of the most powerful and kick ass prodigy songs ever made!! it have so much power in it.. and the vox are KILLER!

Now, I don't want to offend or piss anyone off but... Most people who like Firestarter or are into Keith Flints vocals are usually bandwagoners!

Nuff Said. Flame me if you have to...

one man army


Now, I don't want to offend or piss anyone off but... Most people who like Firestarter or are into Keith Flints vocals are usually bandwagoners!

Nuff Said. Flame me if you have to...

I won't flame you.. it's not my style!
i don't know what "bandwagoners" mean but i guess it's some kind of poser.... anyway, im a real die hard fan for 6 years! i have all their album and singels and some bootlegs.

I like firestarter simply because it a great tune! and im into keith's vocals just because he kick ass!

one man army


Please Senore, we don't need another "ThisTrackKixxAssBecause" and "WhyCan'tYouUnderstandThatItRocks"-discussion no more.
It's a question of taste, so don't waste your time explaining that to you it's the best/worth track ever or something.
We're spammed with that stuff already

chill dude.. it's just my opinion..
im not here to fight.


it's still a kick ass song!


Here we go again: Juge, I still cant log in. Any ideas?

The Firestarter Issue: I first heard the track on the radio and you know why? Cause some nut that works in the Emergency Room called the radio and told them that if they dont play firestarter again, he's going to go absolutely mad. So, as I really wanted to hear the track (cause back then they also went under the bloody ground for a while) I was eagerly waiting for it to start. When I listened to it,recorded it I was really dissapointed. Dont know why,really. Probably because it didnt seem very much to me. It's a simple track. One drumloop,vocals,distortion and a sample. I mean, it just had very few elements that I could admire @ that time. Afterwards, when I started to listen to it more often I discovered something far more deeper. It has a soul, it's so fucking raw & dirty, it's so dirty that they should of release it with a little bag of dust & dirt that would go with the CD/Vinyl. Now I love the track (I like the Empirion Mix as well)

The Experience Expanded Issue: I think that XL had very little to do with the re-release (or the remastered version,as you wish) cause It's a U.S. release basically. Did it even come out in Europe?

The best tracks Issue: Hard to say,really. Well,@ the moment those would be: No Good, Mindfields, Charly, Break & Enter,3 Kilos (unfuckingbelievable),Poison,Funky Shit...
ah screw it,the list would be to long anyway...

The least favourite ones:

Full Throttle,Charly (Trip in tho the D&B Version) - really fucked up beats (the rhythm is great but the bass just doesnt fit in),Jericho (I like the remix 10 times more),Climbatize (I gues this one was a TRIP too (and acid one),G force part I (I think this one is the worst).

P.S. I'm really sorry that Leeroy left. It's just a tragedy. I couldnt believe it when I read it in the newspapers. I thought it was a rumor @ first...If I was Liam or Keith or Maxim I would probably chain Leeroy to a chair or something and just put him on stage so everyone can see him. He wouldnt have to dance or anything. He would just have to show up. It's just isnt the same without him. Everyone is leaving their bands and I'm just sick of it. Does anyone think about the fans?? I mean c'mon: Darren Emerson left Underworld, Zach left Rage Against the Machine and the only person I admired in the whole Limp Bizkit shit (Wes Borland) also left the god damn band (cant say that I blaim him really, cause I bet Fred Durst is a fagget).  Who else? hm...ah yes, the Chemical's have gone mad also: It Began In Afrika? Who give's a shit!

P.S.2. sorry If I went a little over the line here.


My least favorite prodigy songs are weather experience and 3 kilos....oh and maybe climbatize. I seriousely dont understand how come most people like it soo much.

the best prodigy tracks are SMBU, serial thrilla, rat poison, one man army, firestarter, voodoo people, no good and of course BREATHE!!! Breathe is the best song!


i thought Weather Experience was one of the best trax on Experience and Climbatize one of the best of all...
i didn't like the build up to the most of the songs on Jilted
Those trancy one step beats were way too overused and is my only main criticy( is there such a word? ) on their work ever...or is it? like my favourute band i am also one big contradiction :P
you've got to open up your eyes and see the light


Hanging on your words... living on your breath... feeling with your skin...



Ten worst:

Shoot Down
Action Radar
Get Up Get Off
Wake Up Call
You'll Be Under My Wheels
Medusa's Path


fuel my fire!

that song is straight to the comic books. it sounds lame and unprofessional. one big joke  :-X :-X :-X


Agreed, i remove Girls from my worst 10 list and add Fuel My Fire, gawd knows how much i hated that tune when it came out  :P

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