Memphis Bells - Custom Mix!

Started by bigsugar316, June 29, 2004, 11:51:05 AM

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This is really cool. I know it sounds like BS, but it actually works. I bought 2 mixes off it. First go to the new Prodigy single "Memphis Bells" starts playing with the standard mix, then you can select the different changes you want and download a personalized mix for $3. They're limited to 5,000. Once you do that you download the FULL track. I know it sounds really repetitive on the site, but the full song is WAY better once it's downloaded. Here's an official statement from their record labels website if anyone doesn't believe me:

BTW - I bought 2-1-10 and 3-6-3


i would like to download separate samples, then there would be much more interesting unofficial remixes, then xl could make a contest for the best 10 and sell the 5000 copies of the cd with the remixes. this official download of "personalized" mix is crap to me, just moneymaking promo.
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