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Greatest Dance Band of All Time

Started by Fat_Bob, May 09, 2004, 10:32:21 PM

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 ;DI'm only a newbie to this forum but a life long Prodigy fan. Silly question really but can anyone think of a greater dance band on the face of the planet than the prodigy? Fat of the land was a cracking album but in terms of proper old skool classics there is nothing to compare to Experience. The whole album is just full of class tunes. Even after that (with the jilted generation) they crossed over from the hardcore rave scene to chart success. I was in Nottingham at the weekend (in a cheesy club!! :-) and the dj dropped One Love. The place went f*ckin mental. I grew up on the Prodigy and they f*ckin rock. I defy any of you to dispute these obvious facts!!!!! Other than that, let's petition the boys for an old skool comeback gig. I know we're not as young anymore but even I could give it large one more time!? Respect. Fat Bob


I've just noticed the dates on most of these posts and they don't extend beyod 2002. Sorry if you've all forgotten the boys but WAKE THE F*CK UP the prodigy WILL NEVER DIE. I know I will never rush another police barricade at a 'Rave' but you must all still be playing tunes at home, wishing it was still 1992 - Or is that just me?????!!!!! Please respond or I will just have to spend more money on therapy


And while I'm here (I'm on a roll!!) is there anyone out there who actually prefers the album mix of Everybody in the Place to the Fairground remix?


I personally prefer the Fairground Remix over the 155 And Rising version which is on the album. I prefer the original of Everybody In The Place over the Fairground Remix though.


Sometimes it feels like i'm the only one that loves 155 And Rising  8)

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