Prodigy Dances

Started by Marc Jansen, April 26, 2004, 06:52:34 PM

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Marc Jansen

Does somebody knows a good site where you can learn how to dance like Keith Flint or Liam Howlett???

Please tell me.... Me and a friend would like to learn how to dance like that........

Lassa (Not logged in)

You mean Leeroy?

I did a search for prodigy a long time ago on yahoo... I found a site, but i can't remember the url... :(


Liam Howlett? I guess you would mean Leeroy Thornhill, since Liam doesn't do that much. As for learning, I would suggest learning a style of your own. If you really want to learn how to dance like Keith Flint or Leeroy, I would suggest watching their old(er) video clips over and over again. Practice plenty and you'll get the hang of it probably.


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