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chat room

Started by ..steady.., July 13, 2002, 09:50:52 PM

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When do all you guys hit the chat room ?
I have been on it but havent seen any 1 on there  :(

ProdigyPunk since 92


I post on several boards and I'm on ICQ the whole day and that all during work. I can't really join any chat or IRC channel since I wouldn't work at all then anymore ;)


Would be great if we could set up a weekly meeting at a certain hour. I've been on the chat a number of times and I was the only one there so... "Let's Fucking Go!"  :o


Every Wednesday at four o'clock in the morning? ;p


4 a.m.? Can't do it, mate - aerobics class  ;D


this babys got a temper
you'll never tame her
sell me your soul and i'll give you power
sell me your soul and darkness will rule

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