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Finally: Track analysing and beyond...

Started by Ekko, May 16, 2002, 07:57:15 PM

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Time is ripe for the final dismantling of some of the most admired tracks.

Like Des, I'd love to undress Break and Enter at first.

What do you all love about it? Exactly?
Which part rocks your tiny butts?
What sounds do you like?
What do you think about the arrangement?

This theme is combined with another quite important question:
What Prodigy-beat do you think is THE shite?
I mean, which rhythm symbolizes the morning star being slinged into your face?

Tradition IS a tradition


great topic,

ill answer all these questions when I get home, im in work at the moment and my head is up ma ass....

Comon lets all join in...


I especially like the combination of the synth riff and the baby d sample. Those things together are pure paranoia and take you on an trip even without drugs.

The glass breaking plus the shouting give that sort of exploding feeling like something's in you and it really has to get out.
The beat is pure tension although I think Liam might have used some more variation on the snaredrum.
Those holding string sounds are real drugs to me. like your brain get's frozen. And those pitch variations in there are pure horror,man.
The arrangement is fuckin' dope. It's so precise and unusual that the song will never be boring for me. It's build with a lot of tension in mind.
The dopest beat for me is the one from poison, incredible energy for such a slow beat and the variations are incredible, although I don't like the tr-909 snare fill in there. Incredible retro bass sounds

The beat from no good is very hard to analyse, especially the sounds and the 32th notes in there. I like the bass-guitar sounding bassline in there.

It's hard to chose between those beats, most of them are unique and special. Other beats I like: hyperspeed, full throthle, funky shit, minefields (especially the combination between the drums & bassline)

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