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Brock Landers S.M.D.U

Started by fj, April 07, 2002, 09:51:28 AM

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Anyone notice that howlett is credited with this track?

I do believe its the the same howlett

If i had a scanner i would post a pic of the cd i read but i dont  >:(


Of coz he is.. he wrote Smack My Bitch up  ;D .. Check for more info.
It's gonna happen, but not yet ya know?



How could this track be airplayed? It sounds like taking three, maybe four songs, looping certain parts of and just pasting it together. It not only sounds like this, I'm pretty sure they didn't spend more than 3 hours on that one.

I didn't know radiostations play such (-in the first line technically) bad songs. Sounds like they didn't even try to mix it and from time to time there are small breakouts between the loops.
Silly samples too 'Power up and burn'. Out of my ears, dogpile!

With this track downfall of humanity has appeared, eventually evacuate the planet
Tradition IS a tradition


Of coz he is.. he wrote Smack My Bitch up

Dini dapimp

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