Members needed 4 my Prodigy tribute band

Started by techno4yourhead, January 29, 2002, 06:20:12 PM

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I am needing a Maxim and a Leeroy for Prodigy tribute band, I found a Keith.
Anyone interested??

Would probabaly help if ya live in Scotland.

Let me know.


Aww come on!  Someones got 2 b up 4 it!?!


Maybe someone is up for it, but that person might not live in Scotland then ;) Anyway, I don't like tribute bands. Make your own music and develop your own style, that is the best. Covering other bands is 'cheap' as I always call it. But it might be great fun, I must admit. Good luck!


I do do my own stuff, just always wanted to do a Progidy tribute thing, it wid be a mad buzz.
I saw one before, they were good but I know I could do it better.

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