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Songs from the experience era (other than prodigy)

Started by fj, November 09, 2001, 09:39:53 AM

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N-Joi, SL2, Cubik 22, Nu Matic, Genaside II, Egma, et cetera. I like a lot of groups from that era really, but I only focus on Prodigy since I've always liked them best. I still prefer music from that period of time over most of today's music really.


Great is Baby D, Acen, Genaside II and just all the breakbeat-stuff from that period was outstanding
Anyone know a good website for this oldschool stuff?
Tradition IS a tradition


In-depth UK history of rave music from acid to hardcore, 1987 to 1993. There's some Prodigy PA's from experience era too.


ok people!! if there's a man here who is really into hardcore-rave 1991-1992,that's me!! 8)
the prodigy was perhaps the biggest band of the rave era but you may check out other incredible tunes from that years.
here's a top ten chart for me (I will not include prodigy tracks here,sorry ::)
1-M.A.N.I.C.-I'm coming hardcore
2.acen-trip to the moon (3 parts) fusion
4.liquid-sweet harmony b-lock up
6.nrg-feel the fury
7.sonz of a loop da loop era-far out
8.4 hero-mr kirk's nightmare
9.sl2-on a ragga tip
10.altern 8-evapor 8
but there are to many to mention,I 'm proud to say that I own all these records among many others!! 8)
if anybody wants to chat about these style,I'm willing to talk about it.


Thanks for the track names!!! i will try to track them down.

I would like to chat but we are prob in the wrong timezone (+12GMT)


Other than the prodigy i liked N-Trance - Set You Free


Yeh anyone remember the Shamen?  Quality.  Liquid as well.
Theres loads of tunes from ten years ago that are still good now, Energy Flash by Joey Beltram for example, Go by Moby and who remembers Richie Hawtins Substance Abuse..."Overdose...Overdose..." 808 State, NRG - He Never Lost His Hardcore and loads more.
Let me be your fantaseeheeeeeee!

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