Started by Arie, November 01, 2001, 04:26:53 PM

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Can anyone help me find a new logo for my Nokia phone? Currently I've got the Experience-era type of logo, but it's lacking the word 'THE'. Does anyone know of a place to get a newer one? Well, this wasn't the subject of course...

I was bored this afternoon and I ended up looking for a new logo (I failed to find one), but I ended up finding several Prodigy ringtones. I had Breathe till now, but I found quite some more today - and all on one web site! :)

Browse to www.jippii.co.uk. All the way to the bottom are links to this web site in other countries as well like Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, USA, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Russia and Norway.

The Breathe version I had till now was different than the one I found here. Voodoo People is the best I think, but it's up to you of course... Have fun! :)


Can anyone help me find a new logo for my Nokia phone?

Yes try http://www.boltblue.co.uk/ they have tones of stuff like that there!


I got my Prodigy logo from there, but it lacks the word 'THE' and I would like to have a newer one. Thanks anyway mate! Anyone have any ideas where to find one?


Maybe the webmaster here could do you one since he's got some JPN logos (Finland users only :( )..?? I know someone whom had the ant logo one, so next time I see him I'll ask where it came from :)


I've got the same problem as Arie... I can't find a newer logo. If you're looking for other logos, you can find lots of them on www.iguanamobile.com


have any of yous seen the charly ringtone anywhere? it would be kickass to have that one.

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