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wanted wind it up

Started by phatboy, September 17, 2002, 08:46:39 PM

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I'm desperate to get Wind It Up, on Elektra 66318-2.
To finish off my collection. Well I say finish that would be all of the offical releases not including promos.
I cant seem to find it anywhere.

If you are willing to part with it for money or trade, drop me a line and we will thrash it out.


I've got some spare ones. Make me an offer by e-mail for it if you are interested. I've got more double items which can go too. To mention some, a promotional 12" of Fire/Jericho on XL-Recordings, as well as a promotional 12" of Wind It Up, also on XL-Recordings. Besides this some One Love 3" CD singles for instance, an extra Cut 2 Kill's Listen To The Basstone, et cetera. Too much to mention really. Take a look at my web site at and click on Collection to download a detailed list of my collection. Items mentioned in red can go. Others we would need to talk about.




QuoteTo mention some, a promotional 12" of Fire/Jericho on XL-Recordings......


I am most definately interested in this! If you could please contact me by email here - I would email you but I've sent you a couple lately and I don't know if they reached you at all.



I got them, but I've been rather busy as always. Sorry for not replying. I need more free time... ;)

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