The Prodigy's new album

Started by warrior, January 29, 2002, 05:19:31 PM

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Since there are 3 live tracks out one should be the first single for their new album.

1. Trigger
2. Nuclear
3. Baby's Got A Temper

lets hope liam decides to release a single this year!!!



I prefer trigger without lyrics.. :)
It's gonna happen, but not yet ya know?


I truly hope that Trigger and Nuclear wont be on the new album. Dont get me wrong here. I find the tracks very good indeed. It's just that they dont offer anything new except maybe the "violin" sample in Trigger.

I havent heard Baby's Got A Temper yet so I cant really say anything about that.

I dont think I would like to hear Nuclear's studio version cause it would probably resemble to Fuel My Fire.



Yeh that could b true, and apparently they've totally changed Nuclear already.
Is it just me or do the beats on Trigger sound similair to the beats on No Man Army?
I quite like Trigger but I think ttracks like that are best kept for the live show, like Rock an Roll was.
I think Firestarter etc. should have stayed that way too.



Is it just me or do the beats on Trigger sound similair to the beats on No Man Army?

Prooved my point.



What point?

The point that the track doesnt offer anything new.


liam should go back to the jilted era:darker, original and underground... the mainstream will fuck the prodigy up.
seriously... trigger can be great as a single but nuclear fits better only performed live, not in the album (i don't like the fuel my fire style, sorry)


"When we first started I was all paranoid walking around thinking, ah shit, we gotta be really careful 'we stay underground' and all that shit. But its still bollocks, really, cause in the end of the day there's nothing wrong with coming out and saying 'yeah, here we are, we're large', you know, as long as the music is good, as long as the music stays on one level and we all always know that we're going with that. Its all down to the music. "
You see:my mind is glowing...


True, true.

Im drunk right now. Jesus christ, I'm so drunk. Ekko, my good man, I'm drunk. I have to admit, that I'm drunk. I was at the Hard Rock caffe 20 min. ago and I danced to "Lady Marmelade"

Jesus, sorry.

I also agree with Liam, he's the best. LOL

Sorry  8)


I danced to "Lady Marmelade"
Jesus, sorry.

Now that you showed your true evil spirit,
we must insist, that you immediately leave the board.
Tradition IS a tradition


Ok, I'm going now  :-[  

Bye, you guys.


Why are people on these boards always drunk?


Why are people on these boards always drunk?

I see you're new on this board so let me fill you in a little bit:

you see, I'm not always drunk, I just get drunk every oh, let's say, 4 hours? yeah, thats it, in fact I'm drunk right now... i cant stop drinking, it's sick, I know. Yesterday I went to an "AA" meeting and guess what? we all got drunk.

sure, Ekko was there, Juge also, but Arie and Neko were really pissed when they saw that Juge drunk 9 bottles of vodka. boy, were they pissed.

I was pretty drunk by the time the meeting ended so I slept on the sidewalk for about 2 days. that's about it, really.

We called Liam up but he couldnt come cause he was buying dipers. he said he'll try to make it tomorrow though.

so...erm... if you want to be "elite" on this board you have to start drinking like a madman. (take my word for it) .


Don't listen to him, he's a liar. And a thief too, he stole all my drugs.

Hehe ;p

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