prodigy song featured on Oakenfold's ibiza

Started by fj, November 02, 2001, 06:24:44 AM

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I found it strange when a took a look this cd and found that a Prodigy track featured on it. It had Narayan (Old i know) on as the last track of the first CD. Now this is a recent clubbing cd from one of 'the' Djs of today and i think it dosnt mix well with the thud thud thud (classic trance) then changing into the massive breakbeat that we all know is there in Narayan. It just dosnt work. would of been cool if it was after radio heads idioteque which had a breakbeat type feel

Anyway suprised but disapointed :P by Oakenfold's effort


I noticed this as well, but I was wondering one thing and that is if the version of Narayan on this release is different then the one on TFOTL. The total tracktime might be different, maybe the beginning or the end of the track. Anyone who can tell us if it's the same or if it's different? Probably the same, but you never know...


I think it lacks the beats at the end :( Not sure tho, I had a listen to this at Virgin but sadly can't remember that much about it :( (Im useless I know)




No use buying it then. Too bad since I would like to hear something new... even if it's only a bit new ;)


Year u telling me!!!

Anyway im glad it was the original cause i having heard any desent prodigy remixes (except for a few liam made i.e poison 95eq)

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