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wind it up

Started by phatboy, May 08, 2002, 03:50:58 PM

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Does anyone have any info about the intercord release of wind it up ???. Has this one got the 7 tracks or just the 4?  The bloke wants


This can be one of 2 CD's:

Wind It Up - The US Remixes (4 tracks, same as US 12" version, lacks Bonus Beats, Weather Experience and Crazy Man


Wind It Up - Which is identical to the UK release

P.s - you can probably buy it brand new for a tenner


I am pretty sure the Intercord release is the 4track version - but I am not 100% on that. Where's Arie when you need him, eh?


Arie was stuck at his place with his girlfriend's parents, that's why he wasn't here ;p But to answer the question, the normal Intercord release titled Wind It Up is the same as the UK release. The version which is titled Wind It Up (US-Remixes) contains four versions of Wind It Up, but lacks the Bonus Beats version.


i have just read what you asked about wind it up the 7 track CD single.Yes it is out there and 15 pounds seems about right.
i have got a copy and i brought it for 3 pounds.  The reasion why there is seven tracks is because Liam signed to a american label so a english version got released and a american version also.  The only difference with them is the 3 new tracks on the CD are not remixed by liam.  They are remixed by a american artest. If you can find one of these CD pick it up as they were only released in america.

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