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Started by Titan, July 24, 2002, 06:05:31 PM

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Sometime ago i bought myself the Experience Album on
a fleeing market.
The CD inlay and the back lock just like the original CD
but the Cd itself is black with the prodigy logo
and something that looks like a star both printed in white.
The CD is from Elektra Entertainment.
Anyone got a clue what it is, a promo or a pirat copy.

PS: the inlay has only two sides, the cartoon figures are lacking.


Sounds like a bootleg to me. If I'm not mistaken the Elektra release had a white disc, but I'm not completely sure, I would need to check that. If the pictures are lacking, then that's a pointer in the direction of a bootleg too. Could you send me some scans maybe of the back sleeve and the disc? Front sleeve too if possible, but is not so important. Cheers!


correct arie
elektra experience is in fact white


Thank you for the scans. Looking at the back sleeve I would say it's quite a good bootleg - yes, it is a fake item. The letters of the titles are different than all others I have seen though first of all. Besides that the XL-Recordings logo is wrong. The disc itself looks fake from the start, but of course that doesn't mean a thing. The star on the disc or whatever it is supposed to be as well as the Prodigy logo don't seem to be right. Then there is the front sleeve of which you said that it lacked the inside pictures. The text on the back doesn't match with the text on the back sleeve; the labels are different first of all and again I'm not sure about the font and size of the letters. All in all I would say that it's a fake release, a bootleg.


Many thanx for the info Arie,


If you can, please mail them to me.. I might put them on the site :)
It's gonna happen, but not yet ya know?




The Experience.
I don't quite get this posting, but I would like to reply with:
The Prodigy Experience.

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