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Different BGAT DVD to be released in the USA

Started by Arie, August 22, 2002, 11:40:48 AM

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As announced in the "Official Online Team Newsletter"


" well as a 10 minute EPK video clip of Prodigy....."

EPK is Electronic Punks ??




No, it's not. I can't tell you however what EPK stands for since I'm not English from origin either, but it's defenitely not Electronic Punks. For as far as I know, or at least think, it has to do with interviews and all. I've got a few EPK promotional CDR's with Liam Howlett for instance and on there are only interviews. Also, I've got an EPK promotional video with Maxim which is also only an interview really. So, in short, my guess is that it's an interview or several or outakes of an interview or interviews. Maybe the band explaining the single and the video clip belonging to it, just a guess. Ask Chandra, maybe I will later on if I have some spare time.


Quoting Chandra:

EPK stands for "Electronic Press Kit".

They are usually a video of the band discussing their new album (or single in this case) that record labels send out to promote the band (to radio, print, etc.)

I don't have my hands on this yet, but I'm very curious to check it out!



I've got a few EPK promotional CDR's with Liam Howlett for instance and on there are only interviews.

How are they? Good? Informative?
Or just some label-forced shite?
Tradition IS a tradition


A lot of Dirtchamber interviews mainly and related. I don't really see them as 'forced interviews'.



Bullshit, it's the same as the British one, I got it a week ago and there's not EPK or anything, same things just a US version  >:(


Yeah, I found out the same. I have e-mailed Chandra about this some time ago already. She claims to be always happy with e-mails... but she hasn't replied yet which is to be honest no surprise to me at all. Lets hope that she will reply shortly, but maybe I'll send her another e-mail before then asking about it again.

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