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question about Experience: Expanded

Started by One_Man_Army, July 28, 2002, 09:49:54 PM

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Well, I read it has been remastered, now I wanna know what it sounds like? is it like way better then the original edition, or the sound is just slightly better?



I think the topic starter is referring to Experience: Expanded. Personally I don't hear the difference, but I need a new stereo set as well, so... ;)


I'm talking about "Experience: Expanded"..
I wrote in the subject "question about Experience: Expanded" but i guess it was too long or something.. ???


ha. hard to say because I haven't bought it because I'm not gonna pay a pile of euros for that kind of rip off.
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pauly b

remastered my arse!!!!

Its basically the experience album with a 'bonus' cd featuring remixes, b-sides and edits all available anyway. If your like me a lazy shite, its useful for the fact i can listen to one CD in the car instead of having it full of Prodge singles, etc.
Otherwise dont waste your cash.

I got it for

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