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site is UP!!!!

Started by miwant, July 18, 2002, 05:48:56 PM

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let the ant rule your life!



his studio!!

super wicked
super nice
i want to live there!!
let the ant rule your life!



And Little Goblin is also playing on the site!!

Very nice!

There is even a part about the Beach Rock festival and the lame crowd reaction etc.


Pretty slick....way better than the last site

where abouts is little goblin playin?


how do you get your nine digit number from for lock n load ? ???

Also i cant get the chat room up all i get is a little symbol in the top left corner  :'( :'( :'(

Any ideas people

ProdigyPunk since 92


this is just a stab in the dark

but on the site their has been numbers popping maybe its something got to do with them

or maybe something to do with the next single

BTW...little goblin sound pretty neat....even though it is only a short loop.


I need help REAL BAD people i just can`t get on the chat room on the new prodigy site and dont know why !!!!

When i go on it in the top left corner their is a little symbol with a red square , blue triangle and a green circle .
And that is all i can see ( apart from the prodigy logo underneth)
Its driving me nuts.....does any 1 have any ideas please

ProdigyPunk since 92

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