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Re: The Prodigy tracks etc

Started by Zed, June 26, 2002, 07:18:38 PM

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erm... Arie, you locked the thread, you're a monster  :)

i can understand that dude who asked for high quality records, i also have no possibility to buy BGAT single, but if i finally start remix that stuff, i'll need quality record. if some one want to send the cd to me here is my address:

Russia, 628000, Tumenskaya, Surgut, Energetikov 16-39
Sergei Luzhnov Leonidovich

if i get cd i will remix BGAT.
if i won't get you have to find more 47 blind Prodigy fans to enforce me do a remix.
but i think i won't find even 10 fans here... well, you're lazy, i'm poor, but who cares, right?...
if i was in world war 2, they'd call me T-34!


exactly my point zed
I'm not able to buy almost any of The Prodigy's singles/EP's/LP's from where I live, Estonia. I've searched for these almost everywhere. Althought I was able to get The Fat of the Land, probably because it was widely distributed etc. It's almost impossible to find MFTJG or Experience from here. As a kind of a audio freak I don't like these 128kbps mp3's that has a stinky quality. I want to hear every single sound from The Prodigy's tracks. I have a nice audio system built up @ my home, but what I don't have is The Prodigy's tracks. So please believe me that I have no bad itentions like getting profit from it, I only want to hear their tunes decently.
Thank you


But if you even have a good audio-system built up at home, why don't you just buy a used FOTL at eBay, I bet you can get one there quite cheap.
Tradition IS a tradition

zed (logged out)

oh yeh, i forgot:

if some one wants to send me a good audio system as well, send it to the same address!



i have FOTL, but i'm looking for an older The Prodigy tracks...from experience and jilted era specially.
and about buying from ebay - not many of sellers don't ship to estonia. Sad but true


I'm sure that if you ask the sellers before you bid that quite a lot of them will ship to your country. I know people in 'worse' countries sort of speak who order at eBay without any problems, so why not you.

There are also plenty of other web shops out there who sell to a lot of countries. Take for instance Amazon, CDNow, et cetera. They all ship to Estonia for as far as I know and if not, then please prove me wrong.

If everyone would just download all the music, then we would never get new music since the artists wouldn't have any income anymore.

If you still don't want to buy these items, then contact each other privately and discus how you can rip of the band that way. Have fun.


It's easy to say that buy/order these albums and EP's etc from CDNOW or amazon etc, but where could i get an credit card? tell me that? I have a proper income but I'm not able to get myself an credit card. If i would be living in Finland/UK or somewhere in western europe I wouldn't have any problems getting one, but here ... it's a problem to me.
If any of you collectors would like to sell your whole collection then please let me know...I'm sure that somehow we can make a deal if you live in finland/sweden/uk.
Thank you


I'm always willing to sell my whole collection. What are you offering? ;p As for obtaining a credit card, I know people in your country who have VISA. Go to their web site, write them and ask them how you can get a VISA too.

zed (logged out)

i bet Putin has got credit card, he lived in Germany few years... god damn KGB's spy...

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