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Started by St8ofbass, June 12, 2002, 02:34:30 AM

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My book is finally being published in early July. I'm still trying to get discounts for memers of these boards.
oh, and i'm planning on doing a supplement to the book later on to cover the new album etc. this will be inexpensive, and will not carry any old info, just up to dat new stuff....


the cover blurb reads:

"Martin James is one of the most conscientious, outspoken and honest writers working in music today --- and he's not afraid to cry!"  
Annie Nightingale MBE

Drawn from seven years of exclusive interviews and written by long time band friend (and occasional official record company biographer) Martin James, PRODIGY is the ultimate account of the greatest electronic punk band that ever existed.

From the free party anarchy of the Prodigy

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