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Do you collect Prodigy material?

Started by Arie van der Wende, October 18, 2001, 10:53:21 AM

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Arie van der Wende

If you collect Prodigy like I do and you are interested in a trade, then please contact me. I've got quite a nice collection set up which contains all items from CD to CD maxi single, from LP to 7 inch single, from books to videos, everything.

You can contact me by e-mail at Please visit my web site too where you can download a list of my own Prodigy collection -> I haven't updated the list for a while, but most things I have are on there!

Hope to hear from you soon!


Yes. Me and my friend have almost all prodigy stuff.
We have all singels except everybody in the place, no good and firestarter.
If i could just get firestarter somehow?
If you can buy it somewhere that please let me know.
I will pay full price for  that.
liberty and justice for all

Arie van der Wende

You can still get a lot of items through XL-Recordings themselves. Also pay a visit to CDNow where you can find maybe some other items too.

But what I mean by collecting is something else. I collect everything by The Prodigy and related artists. Not just all the albums, singles, et cetera. I collect promotional copies, acetates, white labels, covers, et cetera.

Check like I wrote above and download that list there and you will see what I'm talking about. The list is a Microsoft Word document, ZIP-ed, so only a few KB's big.


antz (Guest)

I likes to think I'm a collector and a list of my collection can be found here


Josh, which link is not working? I tried all links which I could find on this page and all work properly. Please point me in the right direction so that I can make some adjustments to the specific message(s).


Yeah, Prodigy is one of the greatest band of the millenium... I seek only one thing at the moment.. Prodigy's Brainstorm in mp3 format. When I have that I have everything I need... For a while ::) I mean that song is DYNAMITE!!! So if anyone reading this message knows where to get it, I'd more than happy if you would tell me a.s.a.p....And thank you already.



The track Brainstorm does not exist. This is a made up title by a fan just like the Jungle Remix of We Eat Rhythm is as a title. You can find this track on several live bootlegs, but I don't know by heart which ones. It won't be called Brainstorm on all bootlegs either of course, please keep that in mind. If you could upload a sample file somewhere then I can help you better and tell you on which bootleg you can find this track/link.

Please also visit my own web site at and click the Tracks link to find a list of all official Prodigy tracks available. There are still a few mistakes and all in this list, but if you have any questions, then please ask me again here.

I hope this helped you a bit further.


Tradition IS a tradition


It's gonna happen, but not yet ya know?


Tradition IS a tradition


does anybody know where I can find "everybody in the place xls26 cd"?? this is the cd single which contained rip up the sound system, I already have it on the 12" but it's just a matter of collector..  ;)
is it difficult to get?? please, tell me, I'm very proud of my collection so this would be a vey nice item to get and show ;D


sorry, I forgot to mention something... I have a compilation that might be interesting to prodigy collectors,its name is-"the ultimate rave",it was released in 1991 by emi-virgin-polygram,it can be useful to you because it contains charly(alley cat mix 7" edit) (though the cd does not mention this name,it only puts "charly" but the song has a duration of 3.38 more or less, the same as the video)and it also contains instruments of darkness (all of us are one people) (the prodigy mix).
I bought this second hand cd only for 395 pesetas (2.40 euros) :D
if anyone wants to ask me something about this just do it!+
thanks again!


does anybody know where I can find "everybody in the place xls26 cd"?? this is the cd single which contained rip up the sound system, I already have it on the 12" but it's just a matter of collector..

Sam (Guest)

Arie you fucking shit! Those songs do exist. Jungle remix is even on 'electronic punks' and brainstorm is a live track!

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